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I really do wish there wasn't so much hype about anal. I get that people can like it, and it lets males be penetrated. And I get that people are anxious about pregnancy so anal feels safer to look at. But both girls and guys really do prefer vaginal for the most part, and for some people it's a sex-snobbish moral crusade. It just gets my hackles up to have to put the "ambiguous penetration" tag on some mare who's drooling vaginal lubrication all over her stallion's cock, and not "vaginal" just because her vulva are not directly visible and people will start a tag war on derpibooru because I'm a probably male oppressor of their anal lifestyle.

Just wanted to rant, sorry.

I actually like anal sometimes, when it's drawn really well, but you have to have them thrust slowly and gently, and actually use lube, or it just makes me wince. There is nothing sexy about colon injury, and the anus is not self lubricating! Almost no artists draw anal with any application of lube anymore, because people really want to see vaginal, but insist on seeing anal!

And those artists who have to show their males cumming buckets three times in ten minutes, since they can't imagine sex happening more than once, and then draw anal followed by vaginal…


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In smut drawings, there's no such thing as a colon injury! The magic of hentai anatomy sees to that! Unless the artist wants there to be for some reason.

Frankly, I think a lot of the appeal of anal images for me comes from the framing and posing. It seems that the artist has to take more care to show what's going on clearly than with vaginal images, and the generally higher quality of the thought that has to go into it means that the images generally have more appeal.

Anal followed immediately by vaginal is awkward, I'll agree. I'd rather have a short comic that goes anal-mouth-vag. Cleanup fellatio to get the motor running again is a nice way to go.
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Personally, I'm fine with a comic that just has a little indicator saying "the next day…" but yes, anal should definitely have some time for cleanup afterwards. It's that passage of time that artists seem to have trouble with, as if the characters always have to go through the checklist of every sex act, with no breaks in between.

>>964349 is one of the anal images I like, because they're being so careful about it, and there is actual lube. Those "the anus is a second vagina" ones can be good for other reasons, but the f-ed up anal always takes away from it, for me at least.

Matter of fact now that I look, there are only 40 pictures tagged anal, lube and once I remove all the mistagged images that have no lube, or application of lube, just inexplicable sliminess… there are only 3 pictures on ponerpics that have both anal and actual lubrication.

Which is strange because I've got three more pictures with "anal, lube" that somehow aren't already on ponerpics. I suppose I should upload them, but that'd still only be 6 out of 3,723 anal pictures.
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The thing about porn is that it's about the sex. It's not about the preparation for the sex. It's not about the cleanup afterwards. It's not about talking through your feelings, boundaries, or whether the participants want to continue the relationship.

To put this another way: In real life, we want problems to be solved with mature discussion and people coming to an understanding. In movies, it's usually more fun to have gun fights, car chases, helicopters blowing up, and to see a lot of violence and action.

You're looking for an entirely different thing than entertainment here.
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I actually can't remember the last time I saw a movie with a car chase, a helicopter blowing up, or a lot of violence and action. I like movies about people coming to an understanding. Those actually are a thing. My complaint is that there's only one kind of porn, the exploding helicopter kind. I'm not sure why.

Honestly never "talking through your feelings, boundaries, or whether the participants want to continue the relationship" in porn just reinforces the idea that we can't have feelings, boundaries, or cleanup, without it always being a transparent excuse for an antisexual cock tease. I'm not talking seven pages of innocently walking together through parks and chatting about minutiae at fancy cafes. Even flashbacks to previous times having sex are something that almost never happens. Almost never see a sexy followup or even implied passage of time and never mind pregnant sex!

Maybe I'm just too anally retentive.
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as if the characters always have to go through the checklist of every sex act, with no breaks in between
This describes my early attempts at clop fic eight years ago before I knew how stories worked.
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