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Started by skybrook
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I really do wish there wasn't so much hype about anal. I get that people can like it, and it lets males be penetrated. And I get that people are anxious about pregnancy so anal feels safer to look at. But both girls and guys really do prefer vaginal for the most part, and for some people it's a sex-snobbish moral crusade. It just gets my hackles up to have to put the "ambiguous penetration" tag on some mare who's drooling vaginal lubrication all over her stallion's cock, and not "vaginal" just because her vulva are not directly visible and people will start a tag war on derpibooru because I'm a probably male oppressor of their anal lifestyle.

Just wanted to rant, sorry.

I actually like anal sometimes, when it's drawn really well, but you have to have them thrust slowly and gently, and actually use lube, or it just makes me wince. There is nothing sexy about colon injury, and the anus is not self lubricating! Almost no artists draw anal with any application of lube anymore, because people really want to see vaginal, but insist on seeing anal!

And those artists who have to show their males cumming buckets three times in ten minutes, since they can't imagine sex happening more than once, and then draw anal followed by vaginal…

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