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I recently picked up some kickass olive spread of some kind. It goes great with these cheese-jalapeno bagels.

The bagels are too big to go into my toaster, but I luckily have a toaster oven that can get the job done.

The olive spread is really oily. Just using it as a topping on a bagel that already has mayo, onions, cheese, and kolbasa sausage on it leads to the oil dripping off of it. Chopping all the toppings up small and mixing it with mayo and that olive spread makes a fantastic sandwich spread that solves all my problems.

So, my recent food obsession is toasted bagels with a sandwich spread that includes olives.

Recently I have decided to go on a water fast, last time I was only able to go for 2 and a half days but this time im shooting for 5 days at the least. After the fast I will return to a carnivore diet like I have done in the past.
This is related enough to food right?


That's definitely how carnivores live, with long periods of hunger broken by the occasional high calorie quick to spoil meals. It… might not be the healthiest diet for human biology though.
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It's funny but I'm genetically unable to gain weight. My build is of an anorexic. So I don't even bother how many calories something has. I can eat anything I want.


Well, I can't say how healthy it was, but it's true people of the ancient world had infrequent feasts of meat in between long periods of not eating anything other than all the roots, tubers, seeds and other starches that they normally ate. Though I've also heard some thought that humans had more regular access to meat who lived by the sea. Also insects, since early humans lived very much in the tropics.

It's definitely safe to say a low fiber, high sugar diet hasn't been common in human history, nor healthy in any way. high fiber, high sugar foods have been around forever though.

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It's really nice to make a big batch of something like chicken drumsticks, save all the bones, and then make a big batch of bone broth. I forgot about the broth this time, but I caught it before all of it boiled away. Now I have about 3/4 of a cup of super concentrated bone broth. That stuff's going to be godly when I use it.

I've gotta pack my lunch instead of being able to cook it these days, so I'm really getting a lot of value from making bigger batches of stuff and using the leftovers.

Also, something I learned: When making soup with a dried soup mix that includes things like split peas and barley, it's good to have plenty of water in the pot. Like, way more than you think you need. Otherwise, the dried mix might not absorb enough of the water as it expands in order to get tender, no matter how long you simmer it.
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