PonerPics Community Collaboration 2023

2023 Collab -

well the rule is there so theres not multiple twilights or something. I personally would be ok if you did something else. there are only a few days left anyways until its done

I'm not in charge (i don't think) but I say its ok

based, but I leave it up to April to decide.

>so theres not multiple twilights
I don't see the issue, as long as its different artfags with there own style it should be fine,
besides drawing OC's over waifus is misguided and a cringy practice at best.
2023 Collab -

That would certainly make sense, considering the collab will be finished on Dec 1st, but I don't think I could make a decent looking background in a couple of days. I think I'll stick to a transparent background with a banner for the final picture, however, this is a community collaboration, and not my collaboration, so if anyone wants to add their own background, they're free to do so. I think it would be interesting to see people post their own versions of the final collab picture.

On the topic of Christmas, a Hearth's Warming Collab would be fun, and it would give anyone who missed the community collab another chance, but I think it might be too late to do that considering there's less than a month left. Maybe we could try that next year, and next year's community collab could be in the middle of the year to space them out. As Derpibooru has their community collab on the anniversary of their first upload (I think?), maybe the Ponerpics one could be on July 7th? As that's when it was first posted on /mlp/:
Furthermore, if there are multiple collabs, then maybe they could have slightly different rules (e.g. one could be OC-only and the other could be canon-only), allowing people to pick which ones they like, but on the other hand, maybe that would be too much.

In regards to the other posts about non-OC submissions, I spoke to Appulman privately about it and decided that the fairest decision would be to stick to the rules that had already been laid out. I also thought that, if people posted rule suggestions in this thread, then maybe we could make a Google Form or something where people can vote for what the rules are, that way the community decides the community collab's rules.

What do you guys think?

Aight everypony I know its a bit late but we are gonna go ahead with a Christmas collaboration

The commissions will be framed as Christmas cards on a board, this format will give ya all the maximum freedom of what u feel like drawing, be it just head profiles, multiple mares or holiday festivities like sleds or gift wrapping
Its completely up to you but try to make it work in a card frame.

Deadline: December 25

I hate rule fagging
But keep it Christmas themed
All anthro,NSFW,scat and gore will be rightfully laughed at and promptly deleted

>stuff I am required to say
Picture must be tagged with 'ponerpics Christmas collab 2023'
Picture must be tagged with an artist tag (not anonymous)
Picture must be original to the collab, no recycling old work.
Picture should be colored
No low effort art (i.e. shitposts) — beginner art is allowed.
Syntax quick reference: *bold* _italic_ [spoiler]hide text[/spoiler] @code@ +underline+ -strike- ^sup^ ~sub~