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Ponerpics community collaboration event

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It has not yet been decided. For now I'm the only one leading this collaboration. There is hoping ponerpics representatives will join the trend and make this event legit. If it happends, they will sure set the date among other things. If not, I will continue coordinating the event alone and make decisions that most of the contributors agree on.

With that said, each and every one of you can vouch for a deadline date and we'll choose it accordingly. I think sometime in the middle of february will be fine.

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I don't know about an OC in the sense of "this is how I choose to represent the aspect of myself that's into MLP", but I did make a nurse character for a story a few years ago. I also had a vague idea for a Tumblr AskBlog back when those were big.
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Never been part of these community things, but I have done some contributions to the drawing waifu collab threads that popped up on /mlp/ so close enough? Whats the plan for the 'stage' on where all the OCs are going to be?
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I guess it's not that important for now, is there a style that we have to sort of aim for? I generally do more paintery or rough stuff so not exactly something that would fit into a big collab without looking out of place
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1. Do I need an account to join?

2. Can I just reuse the picture on Derpibooru collab?

It's very sad to see Derpibooru become a shell of it's former self ever since the debacle with Neo-Nazi's in the brony fandom who have since been disowned by this very fandom.
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It's looking like we'll actually have a number of people involved.
Very cool.
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I have 3 characters, they dont really represent me but they are my OC's. Sadly two are anthro so they will need to be turned fully into pone.
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