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Punished McGee

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From now on I'll be posting art in a dedicated mlpol thread. Once the final design is decided, I'll reupload it here.

Background Pony #D9AD
@Background Pony #9290
If nothing else he could could have linked it after it was imported here. I was just pointing out how silly it was to link to another booru for this event.

Speaking of trans parents, the most bizarre headcanon I’ve ever encountered is that Rarity used to be a colt (because she’s too high femme to be cis mare) and that Sweetie Belle is her incest foal with her mom.

@Dumbshwick McGee
If I use the permutations of notes of my favorite four-mallet warmup as naming inspiration, Cfefea is the one that’s both pronouncable and feminine. All the others either make Hebrew and Cyrillic sound like they’re all vowels or have a manly sound to them.

(The mallets in each hand, or wing in this case, are spaced a fifth apart with a second between the inner mallets. The patterns is 123234 which can be reversed to 432321)
Background Pony #3387
@Dumbshwick McGee
There is no specific style to aim for, no. It can be anything ranging from show accurate to artist specific. Of course there are standarts so art must be at least more appealing than stick figures or chris chan's art.

@Background Pony #3387
1 — Account is not required.
2 — Sure. This is not a competition between boorus. This is ponies.

Ok, I will submit this North Korean girl first. (I don't have main account here yet but I am considering getting one)

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