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Geeze, what's going on today? Usually only a few hundred images get through my filters per day, today it's over 3,000 and still going. Were the porters just not porting everything until now?

It's not just that the porter was dead for a while Sorry about that. Just about the moment I left town it died. Before I left I had even fixed the main issue causing it get stuck before, trying to import files too large for here., Derpi is apparently getting more uploads now than it has ever before. Just take a look at the upload history on the statistics page: https://derpibooru.org/pages/stats . I'm not entirely up to date on the details of the event resulting in so many uploads. But perhaps it's an overall benefit to the alt boorus.

I have increased the speed of the porting, it should hopefully be caught up sometime tomorrow.

Are you certain that won't cause skipping? When I've tried to import any faster than my usual speed it seems as though the image doesn't finish uploading before the next one starts, and gets cancelled.

My usual minimum time between uploads is 30s. I have lowered it to 3s. This is as low as I feel comfortable going without high risk of skips. To accommodate this, I've also lowered the global scraper polling rate to match. The editing cooldown has also been lowered to 5min.

Checking PonerPics reported uploads against what the scraper reports, it is pretty close. PonerPics reports 2864 uploads. The scraper reports having uploaded 2832 (fortunately I reset the counts when I updated it last). Many of these could have been due to a filesize too large for here. Larger files seem to be getting more common as of late, hence the previous increased downtime due to getting stuck on large files (fixed now). If you or anyone else start to notice skips, please let me know. Once the porter is caught up again I will likely slow it down a bit.
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Due to a shitty Derpibooru April fools event, users keep uploading tons of low quality pictures to earn "points".

I see. Actual quality/res doesn't matter to me, though i wonder how many of them are just lower res versions of things already uploaded.
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I'm willing to bet there's more than a few crops of other images. It's probably the easiest way to 'farm' uploads.
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Ai generated images should be set to hidden on the default filter

Yes I can just filter myself, it's more to make a point rather then laziness
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i'd have to go to derpi..

so there's some sort of competition with luna vs celestia I gather? how is this still a debate.. Celestia ran equestria for 1000 years (of peace) while luna was in her goth phase

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Derpi scores are attached to backend-imports, that is, imports made by the staff directly to the server. We haven't had an import of that variety in a very long time. We just bought a new server, so backend imports will be made up to date soon.
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God, why would you use a shitposting tripcode?
>posting on 4chan for the first time in a year and a half
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I need a drug that feels as good as getting KNOTTED by my pitbull. Fuck I love that feeling but I do it too often.
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