The Convention Thread

Background Pony #34E6
Who all is going to Anthro Con (furfag!!!!!!!!!!) or Trot (too autistic for AC or other pony cons)?
Background Pony #97A1
@Background Pony #34E6
Hyped as hell for Anthro, I might even wash my yiffsuit this year!

Real question, why is Trot considered one of the worst cons? The only thing I've heard of is some autist harassing people about masks a couple years ago, spoonfeed me on the lore bros
Background Pony #34E6
@Background Pony #97A1
I only know from reputation that the other cons are supposedly less neurodiverse than Trot: only been to Trot because it used to be a 15-minute drive from my parents' house (so I'd get meals and housing for free that weekend).

Princess of Shitposting
I’ve never been to Trotcon, so all I know about it comes from second hand sources.

I’ve heard accusations that Trotcon was losing focus on MLP, that it’s organizers mismanaged their money, and that they banned the character Anonfilly, causing many 4channers to resent them.
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