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I have 2000+ favorites on derpibooru and would like to transfer them here. Are there any alternatives to manual transfer?

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I don't know of any existing tools that would do that, but I know that it'd be possible.

Back when the site was first starting up, there were tools to do things like grab a list of your account's Derpi favourites and then download them (or upload them to one of the then-new altboorus). It'd probably be possible to use the list-making part of those programs and then add those image IDs to the favourites on this site.

It all depends on whether this site allows external API calls to edit site-side user information. There's a possibility that the site only allows external interaction to do read-only functions, and doesn't allow write functions that change things about a user's account.

I don't know enough to tell.

I have over ten thousand favourites on Derpibooru, and I haven't really transferred them over yet. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if I can transfer the stuff over here.

Edit: Well would you look at that. I have over ten thousand favourites on Ponerpics, too. It looks like I seem to have transferred my favourite images from one site to the other at some point. I can't imagine that I went through all my tag searches and re-favourited years worth of images one by one. Unfortunately for you, I have no recollection of how I pulled that trick off.

The trickiest part is that this site/bots doesn't retain the sources from which it imported, so it'll say "imported from derpibooru" but there's no indication what image it was imported from.

Someone added a thing recently though, which updates a lot of the image ID numbers to be the same as the ones on the site it imported from. So links like `>>12345` have started working, even if they were originally linking to a picture on derpibooru, not ponerpics. I don't know if that's universal though.

Me, I download my favorites to my own computer, so it doesn't matter which site they're on.

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I'm not sure I follow.

The image ID numbers are either matched with what they were on Derpi, or they're set arbitrarily higher according to when they were uploaded to this site.

If you're saying you specifically want to download images that are not Derpibooru exclusive, then I think tag searching is your best tool for that.

That's what I'm saying. Some ID numbers (most?) are matched with what they were on Derpi. I don't know if they're changing it, or if it was always that way. The federation bots don't seem to keep the IDs the same, and yet they're the uploaders.

So it's tricky.


Like "Derpi Imported" it auto-pulls from derpibooru, so that this server is sorta federating with it. With… the loss of uploaders and commenters and history, but that's what happens when we don't use digital signatures to identify ourselves. Otherwise, I have no clue how it works.

Anyway I'm not arguing with you. You're right. Every derpi image id has a mirror on Ponerpics, of the same id I guess. If it is always the same id then it's pretty straightforward to synchronize your favorites between the two servers!

There's another thread about this here

I linked to a thread on Ponybooru where Marker posted his favorite/upvote import script. Reposting it here:Ponybooru thread

Hopefully it still works.

I think it's not 100% accurate, but it will give you a list of things it fails to port over.
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