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I know this might be impossible due to the lack of complete 1:1 matchup of images here vs. images on other Philomena based boorus, but would it be possible to transfer all my faved images and watched tags to this site? I'm getting tired of not being able to use this site to the extent I've used other boorus because I don't have my watched and faved images for easy access. Failing actually transferring the watched and faved galleries, is there a way to transfer the list of watched tags here?

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I am not sure if there is any way developed to pull all of the links for your favorites, but I do at least know of a few ways to import from derpibooru quickly. This is a link to a user script that can be used to import individual links one at a time: For a bulk uploader, download the program at and, after you unzip it, open "nw.exe," input your ponerpics API in the right field, and you can automatically strip links for certain tags off of derpibooru and it will mass upload them. If you have all of the derpibooru image numbers for the pictures you want to upload, you can just put those into the mass uploader too.

We are hoping to be able to turn the derpibooru database directly into pages on a different server, and then switch servers so that we have all 2.15 Million images here with the same information as on derpibooru. This would result in basically our entire current catalog being wiped, except maybe for a few manually selected images that are not on derpibooru. This will take at minimum a week though, and likely longer.
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Perhaps a tool could be created by using the sha512_hash field of image metadata. You can get a users list of favorites, get a list of hashes from the list, and search the new site for images with the hash. I don't know if there is an easy to to automatically favorite images though.

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Yep, I could probably write a script to do that, as long as the faved images already exists on the destination site. I can even reuse some of the code from my booru switcher.
As I have a need for the functionality myself, this is probably something I'll eventually get around to doing. Maybe in a couple more days, when I'm feeling less lazy, and assuming nothing else requires my attention.

FYI that philomena importer script you linked is an outdated fork of my own. The main script has since added more features and a few bug fixes.

Obscure references FTW
Thanks, but the one problem is that all the images are out of order. This would normally be fine but my OCD says otherwise…
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