Vent thread

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@Hollowfox the Worst
Try me, nigger. Hope you get ran over by a car this very day, motherfucker. Your death will do this world a favour, you unhinged attention craving whore.
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@Hollowfox the Worst
Personally I love you, bro. Without you this forum was all crickets and tumbleweeds. Your autism has helped people to unite under a single goal to cringe at your antics. I think its based so continue doing whatever you're doing.

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@Hollowfox the Worst
Going by what you say, you're not well and you need to find professional help ASAP. People on the internet are not going to make anything better. Get some help.
Hollowfox the Worst

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Now you hate me too?!

Why people want to make me suffer whenever i try to make people understand or want people to make love stronger than hate on the internet or save men and heterosexuality from extinction?

This is why I will forever be considered the worst person on the internet. My therapist will NEVER understand what I have went through on the internet, the therapist doesn't know jackshit and idk how to explain what's making people hate me to a therapist who will force me to change what I am and be like everyone else (hateful, selfish, heartless and agrees with what I disagree)
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@Dumbshwick McGee
A) I don't like him, He damaged America long Enough
B) Do you hate autistic people so much you want them all dead because they do shit that you don't like to the point of driving them to suicide?
C) I don't give a shit if what you asked is a rhetorical question, your hate infuriates me and I will threaten you by telling you to seek help, just like someone who hates me does.
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I swear, making this thread is a mistake.

Everyone is a selfish douchebag who doesn't care about other people and thus they resort to heartless hate. All mixed with insults, ableism, discrimination, professional help threats, etc.
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You know what, keep your stinking thread and vent your bullshit like you guys hate me or anyone else. I ain't engaging with your hateful selfish shit no more.

I'm out.
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@Hollowfox the Worst
"i HATE twitter and derpi!"
>comes to ponerpics and acts just like people from twitter and derpi
>tries to insult people for some reason

you have our attention, now do you just want to clown around or do you have anything real to say? everyone is here watching you flail around like a fish out of water onstage,
now what do you want so you can move on to the next community and do this all over again to fuel your low self esteem high
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@Hollowfox the Worst
>implying hatred wouldn't require a level of emotional investment and commitment you haven't justified
Broseph, I don't even know who you are. You're some Internet rando with a furfag avatar. You flounced in here dragging derpidrama along with you, and it didn't go the way you expected (protip: LURK MOAR) and now you claim to be in a state of profound emotional distress because of words on a screen. The tone you are taking makes me suspect that you're trolling. You sound like Zimbabwe.

He had my attention. He didn't have my interest.
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Ok let's talk about vents.

Do large pony buildings have AC systems with ventilation? Or do they use magic for climate control? In places like manehatten for example. Combination of both? Perhaps none at all
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