Vulva of the week

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Friend in this thread weekly mare vagaina is posted. That's the purpose of this thread.
I genuinely don't understand what you mean! Is it the context of the pic? The focus is not the text in it but the content of the art.
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@Background Pony #0C8F
>not a very convincing performance

the context of the art was never the focus or reason for this banter
I called him a faggot cus he is, the rest is terminally online gooners trying to convince me that they don't understand the english language

Princess of Shitposting
fags trying to turn this in to a rp thread kek
I dropped one image, in line with the thread's original topic, then left for three weeks. How is that roleplaying?

he clearly is a furfaggot posing as something he is not
Furries like anthropomorphic animals. Ponies are anthropomorphic animals. Therefore, all bronies are furries. Including you. If you deny this, then cope and seethe.

@Background Pony #B604
That's a picture of a pegasus.
Correct. It's a cropped version of this, intended as an allusion to the DataByte drama happening a month ago.

I called him a faggot cus he is
Guilty as charged!

so uuh, what kind of faggot is you?
I'm a lunafag.

Now here's the mandatory vulva:
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