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Started by Lotus
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4chan has just opened up self-ads. I intend to buy ads for PonerPics, and there is the option to submit multiple headers. Anyone who would like to create and submit a possible 4chan ad, this is the thread.

Dimensions are 728x90 for desktop letterhead ads, which I definitely intend to buy, and 300x250 for mobile ads.
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I would've loved to participate but after I got myself through my surgery (had to deal with varicocelle) something went wrong. And I mean very very wrong.

Have you watched that episode from southpark called "medical fried chicken"? I can now relate to Randy Marsh. It hurts as hell. God, I wish I won't die.

Anyway, since it's 4chan you need some quality shitposting on that banner. Otherwise people will ignore it. Ponerpics needs to apeal to your daily 4chan faggot.

We need a bait. A bigger bait we have — the better. Make it look like a shitpost that promices something and people will bite.

If you are planning to promote on /mlp/ then say that you are DNP free.

Damn, making a marketing ploy is hard.

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A friendly reminder that we are still looking for banners, including ones that can fit into the mobile advertising slots
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