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Started by ToastedTruffles
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I've managed to figure out a few keyboard shortcuts, and I was wondering if there was some place on the site where these shortcuts were posted.

[r] goes to a random image
[f] is the same as clicking the favourite button
[u] is the same as clicking the upvote buttom

[f] and [u] both work when just mousing over images in the search results page.

I don't know what the keyboard shortcut for downvoting images is, and I'm sure there are other commonly used shortcuts that I just don't know about.
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Only ones I know about are [j] and [k] for next and previous page/image, on account of forgetting to select the tag edit form after tabbing back in far too many times. [L] also opens said form.

Given derpi's history with downvotes, I doubt a shortcut exists unless the alts add one.
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