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Site Staff Applications


Site Administrator
We are now formally open to new staff hiring for Ponerpics.org. Developers are most preferred, especially those with elixir, but we are open to all positions.

Post here, DM me, or send mail to [email protected]
Background Pony #5F3F
At best the position is that of a janitor with a mop and a loudspeaker instead of wet floor signs. Don't treat it as a prideful thing nor a bastion of power, that is sorely reserved to the admin whom owns the establishment, it is nothing but hard work with no pay with many ways to fuck up.
I would apply but I have too many issues and not much time left in life.

Thank you for letting me comment on stuff, and for running ponerpics.org. I'm far too incompetent to help fix things, especially in a language that's like pulling teeth, and I'm way too inconsistent and unreliable to be trusted with any sort of responsibility, but I really appreciate what you not-loser people are doing.

I am posting to apply for a staff position. Some facts aboot me:
* I got into pony stuff in 2011
* I love poners and I hate niggers
* My waifu is Twilight Sparkle
* I was recently banned from DiscordApp™ for being too based
* I became the world's best programmer when Terry Davis was struck by a glowing train
* I love automation

Regarding your preference for developers, I am an experienced programmer. I primarily use C++, although I prefer to use my own programming language because everything else sucks. I hate mandatory garbage collection, I think targeting a VM is retarded, and I have no interest in functional languages. What I'm saying is I've never used Elixir.

Regarding the presumed dupe report problem that other dude mentioned, that should be partially solvable with some automation to compare how similar images are, and a user interface suited to quickly saying yes or no for each report. I've never seen philomena's dupe report interface, so I don't know how it compares to what I'm imagining, but I'll just assume it's way worse because everything almost always is.

Mouth Ready To Service
Never been a janny, but I've seen the "compare" tools for images, and it's immensely helpful for sussing out which are actual dupes vs edits/alts. As an example (if you can see it before it poofs) >>2545616's dupe report here can show you.

Site Administrator
We've made two decisions and two additions to staff. We're still open to more, so anyone who is interested should say so. Those who have already applied or signaled an interest are encouraged to ask again; it signals interest to us.
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