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Started by Background Pony #A73A
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Background Pony #7D51
posey bloom → posey (g5)
sprout (g5) → sprout cloverleaf
izzy → izzy moonbow
pipp → pipp petals
zipp → zipp storm
alphabittle (g5) → alphabittle blossomforth
shadowy alicorn → opaline
dahlia (g5) → dahlia
argyle (g5), sunny starscout's father → argyle starshine
phyllis (g5) → phyllis cloverleaf
onyx (g5), gloria gloom, gloomy sonnet → onyx
jasper (g5) → jasper
sweet (g5) → sweets (g5)
toot (g5), toots (g5) → toots
rufus (character) → rufus (g5)

All of these should imply g5. A lot of them aren't character tags on ponerpics either.
Background Pony #A73A
artist:missbusyizzy → artist:saucepit
according to: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/saucepit/izzy-and-sunny
Background Pony #A73A
"jpeg" still needs to be unaliased from "needs more jpeg", or the importer needs to auto-remove the "jpeg" tag from Twibooru imports since Twibooru automatically adds the file type as a tag. Right now there's a bunch of Twibooru imports that are mistagged because of this one alias.
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