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Not sure if this is the right thread to post this, but I noticed the short description for the 'featured image' tag says "An image featured on the front page of Derpibooru", shouldn't this say Ponerpics? Also, do imported images from other boorus retain the 'featured image' tag? Wouldn't it make more sense for there to be separate featured tags depending on the site? i.e. Ponerpics: 'featured image', Derpibooru import: 'derpibooru featured', Twibooru Import: 'twibooru featured', etc. So, for example, all images tagged ' imported from derpibooru' & 'featured image' have the 'featured image' tag removed and the tag 'derpibooru featured' or 'featured on derpibooru' added.

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Don't know where else to put this since there hasn't been an imply thread.

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The derpi threads (I know >derpi) should also be combed through for other relatively useful implications and aliases.
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Not the same use cases, though very similar. artist:anonymous is for when you don't know who it is. Anonymous Artist is for when the artist doesn't want to be identified.
I don't know why derpi didn't make them more obvious.

@Background Pony #A418
When people use them interchangeably, people are wrong.

@Background Pony #A418
Instead of doing this, flip the current alias on "anonymous artist" (so the primary is "artist not to be named") so people don't type in "anonymous", hit it, and assume it's correct when it's not. Also if possible to manipulate tag suggestions, have "artist:anonymous" always come up first.

@Background Pony #7D51
>I don't know why derpi didn't make them more obvious.
Because they're obnoxious retards and this is an opportunity to hahagotcha people.
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