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Started by Saru
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I don't know your policies on user tag management and creation, but something that bothered me about Derpi was the lack of gendered race tags being used.

While such tags do exist, derpi staff didn't seem to like them. I remember I got drunk years ago and deciding it'd be a good idea to tag every female changeling image as such only to have a mod tell me to stop and deleting the tag (there were already thousands of images tagged as such before I started). It was eventually recreated and there's 10 images under that tag now, but,

I'm suggesting that the tags "female race" "male race" and "futa race" be implemented and enforced for each race

The stallion, mare, filly, colt tags, while optional, are widely used so why not others?

The female and male tags aren't good enough on their own.

Maybe I'm dumb and can't figure it out, but how would one go about finding specific gendered races without it?

Back to the changeling example,
Using the separate "female" and "changeling" Tags won't work as it will turn up any female with any gendered changeling and I can't figure out any syntax that would work.

Even if it IS possible to do what I'm suggesting with syntax, it's overly complicated to do so and enforcing gendered race tags would be helpful.

Edit: didn't think to search for "female, changeling" to make sure it still worked the way I thought it did. While most of the images did seem to depict female changelings, it still turned up male and futa changelings with other female races. I want to make it clear that there should be an easy way to show a race only in the gender you're looking for.


On the subject of changelings, i also suggest the addition of

"changeling drone" defining a drone as a changeling without hair OR distinct irisis

(I really like changelings, help a bro out)

While I admit that more images get filtered than I thought they did, such a query still ultimately fails to accomplish what I want it to do, turning up more than just the following:


Edit:additionally, I don't necessarily want to remove all males/futa from results, i want to ensure that when looking for a specific gender of a race, that gender of that race is definitely in the image.

As I've shown, "female, race, -(male || futa)" still returned images irrelevant to the query's intention.

Since image comments weren't ported over, there are a lot of images with "translated in the comments" that do not have translations here on Ponerpics. I suggest adding the tag "Translated on Derpibooru" to all such images and deleting the tag "Translated in the comments" for any image that does not have the translation posted on Ponerpics.

Of course a person could infer that an image with the "translated in the comments" tag means that it's on Derpibooru, but I don't see why they shouldn't be separated from translations that are actually on Ponerpics.
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Copying over the translation sounds like a better way to handle it, although it requires people willing to take the time to do so. Relying on derpi is an issue.

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For the "story in the comments" or "translated in the comments", the easiest thing I've found to do is manually copy and paste the translation or story into the new image.

As far as the gender + race tags, I think it's a fine idea. The search "female, changeling" might return an image with a male changeling and a female pony. Having to always add things like "-male" isn't enough, because you might be looking for an image that includes a female changeling, and you don't mind if males or other species' end up in the image.
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Aliases "romani" and "gypsy" should be switched around, because A: calling gypsies romani is an insult to Romanians, B: they're "romale" and C: the insult to gypsies themselves is incredibly well-deserved as they kick you out if you refuse to do crime (i.e. non-criminal gypsy is an oxymoron).

Merge the tags

artist:hattsy-nsfw &

There's no reason for an artist to have two tags like that when rating tags exist.

I figured a request like that would be made on derpibooru, but I don't see why it matters here on ponerpics.

Did the artist make that request to ponerpics? If not, there is no reason to keep them separated, especially since the sfw tag does not mention the nsfw tag existing. It convolutes things for no reason.

Might as well merge so people that search for that artist can actually see all of their content. Let the users decide if they want to see nsfw content by using rating tags instead of separating them.
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