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Hello everypony! In an effort to hopefully stabilize the website and end the frequent "internal server error" crashes… hopefully… we will be switching the site to the most up to date version of Philomena. This is a thread to announce these changes, discuss them, and of course, to report any errors with the new code.

Please be aware that PonerPics will be switching to a markdown syntax.

Among other changes, this update will fix the following:
- errors with favorites not transferring on merged images have been corrected
- "ghosting" of gif images is fixed
- the navigation arrows should now work properly
- images from other websites may be embedded
- image uploading through fetch is enabled
- links to the website will now always say "ponerpics" instead of "derpibooru"
- 2 factor authentication is corrected
- an issue with tag count is corrected
- an issue with search by legacy score not working has been corrected
- a new batch of image data has been added

And hopefully more will follow in a later batch; specifically updates to legacy data, tags, and the merging of duplicate images.
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Sounds good!
>images from other websites may be embedded
Is there a proxying function for this? Posters may otherwise install tracking pixels into comments and forum posts
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images from other websites may be embedded

What 8968 said. Also, and this might be the same question worded differently, but about a different aspect. Will this function store a local copy of the image? Linking directly to an image on a site elsewhere is generally regarded as kind of rude, for reasons having to do with bandwidth.

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There’s some sort of error that causes the site to go down. We’ve switched back to the old code temporarily as we figure that out.

Site Administrator

So, assuming that you are talking about the pictures that actually did go through, what happened is that those are on another server than this one. That one is now in maintenance mode. As for what will happen… I am not sure. We are trying to fix the problem
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So when I use this website, when I click on just about every link to a picture or a search, it says Internal Server Error.
Is it a common problem?
Any clue on whatever is going on or how to solve it?
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@Background Pony #4AD8
No wait, I just read the past posts and realized what's really going on.

How long will solving this take if you have to estimate? Or no one really knows what is up with this problem?
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