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suggestive226977 artist:br333453 imported from derpibooru3553330 fluttershy292094 anthro413668 bat pony81323 undead6495 unguligrade anthro70633 vampire6202 advertisement in description123 apple23012 bat ponified5329 breasts433938 busty fluttershy26170 clothes695478 cosplay35748 costume42220 crossover79881 female1902660 flutterbat9420 food110629 gloves33077 gun23029 hellsing394 licking30533 panties72768 race swap23135 rifle5338 seras victoria39 skirt58740 socks110283 solo1542374 solo female260557 thigh highs62829 tongue out162097 underwear89222 uniform17768 upskirt8206 watermark25953 weapon45070 wings242041


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Background Pony #42CD
Flutterbutter doesn't enjoy extremely enthusiastic walks nearly enough to be a fit for Alucard in the first place, so who would be a fit for Seras is beside the point.
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