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suggestive205006 artist:br333373 imported from derpibooru2910372 fluttershy273981 anthro365901 bat pony72451 undead5049 vampire5481 advertisement in description94 bat ponified4415 breasts379769 busty fluttershy23278 clothes625003 cosplay34536 costume38653 crossover75725 female1709452 flutterbat8678 gloves28241 gun20953 hellsing386 panties66346 race swap19964 rifle4761 seras victoria39 skirt52398 socks98209 solo1406355 solo female234614 thigh highs53486 underwear81022 uniform15365 upskirt7413 watermark23124 weapon40960 wings203901


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Background Pony #31C4
Flutterbutter doesn't enjoy extremely enthusiastic walks nearly enough to be a fit for Alucard in the first place, so who would be a fit for Seras is beside the point.