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You'd be surprised at how far people's autism will go, they actually think anthro is cancer and anything that's anthro can't be good. I knew a lot of people have a dislike for anthro (I certainly did) but this is a whole 'nother level. I've noticed that downvotes happen only during part of the day so whatever bot is being run is from either one computer running different accounts or multiple computers in a similar time zone.
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The only thing I may need in the future is a new drawing pen tablet but it's costly to first buy it and then send it overseas to some random guy. I guess you can tip me when I'm done drawing that commission you were talking about. But it's entirely up to you.

I upvote/fave if I like it. I downvote if I don't like it. I like "pure artistic quality" so it helps if you draw good. Ultimately I don't have any criteria though. I just go with how it makes me feel.

I only use filters for things that genuinely make me feel awful, so much that I can't help the artist out by warning them they're drawing things I don't like. Boredom is one way to feel awful.

I used to occasionally comment on a picture I don't like, to explain why and offer some suggestions for how to make it more liked, assuming they even care whether I like it or not. Derpibooru scared me into never saying a word about that though.

At least two bots have been set up to downvote every image with a G5 pony in it, no matter the art quality. Imagine being so triggered by new horses that you set up a downvote bot instead of hiding the tag.

I mean it's not going to help anyone else if you hide a tag. It is pretty despicable of them if they're trying to deceive us into thinking that it's individual posters expressing personal opinions, but you can't downvote a tag, so they don't have a lot of other options. Even then it's not super disruptive. Just look at the statistics, and discard two downvotes from every G5 picture.
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