How do you store your MLP files on your computer?


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Over the years, I'm sure we've all downloaded tons of MLP related files. I'm just curious about how they're all stored.

I've got most of my MLP stuff split between SFW images, comics, and webms, all NSFW stuff in the same place, scattered individual music tracks in an "MLP Music" folder inside my main music folder, show files in with my other show files, "collected MLP videos" from youtube in with other folders of other fun or interesting YT videos I've downloaded over the years, music albums in my music album folder, which is a separate folder directory from my Loose Music directory, and I have a "Multimedia — MLP" folder where I collected the various comics and some other loose MLP content.

On one hand, I want to keep my folder organization such that I can easily search through all the Images or Music I have to browse between the same kinds of media. On the other hand, I also want to have folders dedicated to all the collected files from multimedia projects. Things that have text, comics, video, music, and all varieties of fan content.

MLP game mods and fangames are in mod directories for the games themselves, or they're in the "games" folder under "MLP Fangames".

I'm in a weird in-between state right now, and I'm curious at how other people are managing similar problems.
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Some names and pictures are hidden because they are highly embarrasing (even to my standarts). This collection has been occupying my drive for 5 years straight and has proven to be the most effective way to stor data. Alphabetical order didn't do it for me so I've set my priority with inserting a letter before a directory of my choosing.
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For images and webms/smaller mp4s, hydrus. Makes it so I don't have to try to remember what name I gave a specific file four years ago, or where in god's name I put it. Music I just let sit in the directory since filling in the metadata makes it easy enough to search through, though I should probably make an MLP subdirectory. Games, both SFW and NSFW, are loosely collected in the MLP subdirectory in my NSFW games folder.

I haven't thought of a solution for videos, mainly because I don't keep enough to make organizing a problem.

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I've been considering swapping to Hydrus now that I've seen it talked about so much. How does it deal with image sequences / variant sets? Can I set up image pools for them? Or parent-child image relations?
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Not sure I'm quite getting you. You can set images as alternates or duplicates of each other, but not parent-child trees as far as I know. More extensive alternate handling is planned™ according to the help documentation.

For image sequences, which I'm assuming mean stuff like pusspuss's work, there's a sorting option that will display images in order of creator-series-title-volume-chapter-page, so if you want it displayed in a particular order you can add a page tag to it.

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There are often sequences of images where the character is in various states of undress. There are usually between 2 to around 7 different images in this sequence. This is too few images to constitute a full themed imageset, and it's clearly not the same kind of grouping as a comic that has a sequential story.

How can I use Hydrus to organize these images such that they appear next to each other, or that when I find one image in a tagged search, that I can both recognize that these images are part of some kind of set, and simultaneously have very easy access to viewing the whole set at once?

I'm skimming the documentation now.
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If they're in alternate clothing versions, I'd just mark them as alternates of each other. I'm not sure if you can set them to always appear next to each other. I haven't found a way, at least, so it might be a better question for Hydrus's Q&A thread whenever it comes back online.

As for having easy access to the whole set when finding a file, you can right click on the file → manage → file relationships → view this file's relationships and it'll display all alternates.
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I've been considering swapping to Hydrus now that I've seen it talked about so much. How does it deal with image sequences / variant sets? Can I set up image pools for them? Or parent-child image relations?

I deal with the issue using "namespaces".
What is a namespace?:
For example given a set of 5 files named "XYZ 01 — red anonfilly.png" to "XYZ 05 — red anonfilly.png", I would tag them as follows:
character:red anonfilly
item number:XYZ 01
item number:XYZ 02
item number:XYZ 03
item number:XYZ 04
item number:XYZ 05

So, searching for namespace:file:XYZ will return also all items XYZ 01 to 05.
It works pretty well for me, the drawback is the time invested in tagging the files, which is very taxing.
In the pic shown, searching for item number:000426 will return all the instances of it (12).

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I extracted the .zip installer and started experimenting with hydrus yesterday. I imported a folder of about 750 "game over" images from my general unsorted smut folders. Tagging each image by hand is taking a while. It looks like it's almost better to just import my already-sorted collection so I can mass-tag hundreds of images at once

How would you recommend I make the switch to Hydrus? Should I make the switch from my already-sorted collection (a few hundred of them at a time so that I'm not overwhelmed by tagging issues), or am I best served by importing batches of unsorted general images that I'm not sure how to organize? What is my workflow for images that look decent enough for me to want to download, but aren't distinctive enough for me to give more than a couple of tags?
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My system is very time consuming because I use a double method; the traditional ordered by folder with each file properly renamed for system wide searches, and the method of using Hydrus. Both in parallel, so I have 2 copies of every file, one inside folders and the second inside the Hydrus' database.
The reason for this is because in the future the Hydrus developer might stop maintaining it and then stop working with future operating systems.

For each file I have created a sidecar .TXT file containing the tags. The reason for this is that in the future a database failure may happen and then hundreds, if not thousands of hours tagging files might be lost.
Granted, it is a lot of work, but better safe than sorry (SEE PIC 1).
Hydrus allows to backup and later restore the database, but my point of view is to be ready with the .TXT file in case of migration to another software.
Also sidecar .TXT files is the method Hydrus uses to import files and tag them in one step (SEE PICS 2 and 3).

PIC 1:
PIC 2:
PIC 3:
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Also, if you import a video and it plays without sound, don't panic.
Go to File/Options/Media, in the field "media viewer mime handling", go to the line "video — show with native hydrus viewer", then double click on it.
A new window will show up with more settings, change both instances of "show with native hydrus viewer" to "show using mpv".
Done. Now you have sound. Volume is set by right clicking the viewer and selecting the desired level.
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Two more pics.
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