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MLP discussion thread

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Yeah, I hope they give me a trippy shrooms that will do the trick.

Also /mlp/ is ofically retared. They forgot to nominate Derpy. Plz tell them since replying doesn't work on my phone. I have a read-only mode.

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I just woke up after the operation. In my slumber I saw myself listing 4chan boards. That's a total disappointment.

Like I literally saw myself browsing /mlp/ in a dream. What a waste…
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And the funniest part is — it felt like 2 minutes while in real time it was 4 hours.
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I have an assumption that Pony life is a chibi anime parody of mlp. It's too weirdly familiar. Fast pacing, out of character interactions. It all makes sense now.
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There's a movie night thread over on /mlpol/. We usually watch older movies and some slightly more modern movies. After the movies, we move on to watching 2-3 episodes of Smol Horses Doing Small Hoers Things. A week or so ago, we finally moved into the episodes that I haven't seen yet. It's really nice to have a watchthrough like this that includes a live chat on the side. These side conversations and people pointing out smaller details really adds a new dimension to the experience of watching the show.

Have other people here been part of watchthrough streams? Maybe during the new show releases?
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