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Punished McGee

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@Background Pony #9799
But what is intelligence but merely a tool to throw poignant remarks at one another? A series of hit-or-misses of landing a joke, or showing for how vastly superior your response is compared to someone else's? Ultimately, it all comes down to people just having too much time on their hands.

You know what you need on your hands right now?

Go fap to twilight sparkle as I'd be more productive than whatever you were saying to some dumb idiot that noone would care more than a second about.
Background Pony #4677
Ai 'artists' are flooding derpi and it's being imported. Half the time they can't tag their shit with ai, what the fuck is going on
Background Pony #8C2B
At what point is the generative-ai slop not allowed? How much of this worthless, soulless sewer waste going to be allowed? When will it take up more site and server space then real art? Where is the line. This sludge isn't and never will be art. it is nobody's responsibility to save this. It's a grafted rotten mess of stolen art from others thrown into a machine just to see what comes out. It has no historical or sentimental value worth protecting, 'just filter it' when does it get too good to spot? How will I filter it then? No it should be removed and cut out like the cancer it is

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@Background Pony #8C2B
If it is too good to spot as AI, how do you expect me to delete it? The simple answer is like the image you see on the screen or don't. You use the tools at your disposal to get rid of the things you don't like client side. You have not only a filter available, but a hide image button as a fail-safe. If you want a different policy, you are going to have to use a different site. Your argument about historical, sentimental, value, and soulful significance is irrelevant to our policy.
Background Pony #0791
@Background Pony #8C2B
You know people are just as snobbish towards digital art in general, right? They say many of the same things.

If it's freely available on the public internet, then those resources are not stolen. Once the pandora's box of "letting the world see the things that were drawn" is opened, it can't be closed.

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Moonatik. Everyone knows he's a commie sperg, but his most recent spergout made me decide to stop following him.

i saw a golden opportunity for a little bit of trolling and drew this. my reply was captioned:

shitbrained morons like yourself are useful idiots for capital, emphasis on idiot. the international fraternity of workers will usher in a new world devoid of your racist brainworms. i dance on your führer's shallow grave, and his supporters should follow his example.
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