Vent thread

Hollowfox the Worst

Straight Outta Derpi
Vent your frustrations here.

I really wish Derpi would let me have a mental breakdown so people can comfort me and not treat me like shit. (Or delete it)
Dumbshwick McGee

My hat vibrates, babe
Ponerpics isn't your hugbox. So If I am to call you a crybaby nigger, don't expect this message to magically dissapear within a few hours. In fact, more people would only be more temped to exploit your time by wasting theirs to make as much damage to your self esteem as possible.

Real people don't cater to nobody's feelings. They have barely enough energy to deal with their own problems, let alone anyone else's.

So kys.

Faithfully yours,

Dumbswhick McGee
Dumbshwick McGee

My hat vibrates, babe
So recently I've been circumsized by my own dad. It's a gnome tradition, you see. It's bad because usually you do it to babies, not grown ass bearded midgets.

I can still smell blood under my crotch. I blame my ethnicity and the universe that has made me miserable for the rest of my live. I was proud of my gnome foreskin damn it! It was making a huge impact on my attractive side! Yes, most women find me too short to be right up their alley, but fairies… Dude, fairies are so short you can use them as condoms.

So that I did.

Now I have my own fairy made wrapper around my dick to keep me warm. But my dignity as a man is fleeting.

I feel so sad and alone…

So sad and alone…

Please feed me.
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