What's your view of the different Booru sites?


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I see Derpi as a large dumpster fire that's collapsing under it's own mismanagement.
I see Ponybooru as the sacrificial lightning rod to collect all the controversy and sabotage attempts by the same people who effectively destroyed Derpi
I see Rainbooru as the closest to a searchable complete archive we have, since the pony archive doesn't organize it's massive store of images.
Twibooru isn't up and running at all as of this post, so I don't know how that's going to go
And last, but not least, I see Ponerpics as the "true" main heir of an image booru that includes community features.

I was really worried that Derpi would be purged and we'd lose a lot of history but now that I know there's archives, I'm less worried. I'm still going through and saving images with "dead source," "source needed," "artist needed," and "artist:anonymous" tags because those images would be harder to find after a purge than those attached to known artists/sources.

I plan on only using Derpi to save/transfer images to my computer or other sites. The mods are being unprofessional and I think its collapse is only a matter of time. I'm not going to say soon, but when Derpibooru ends, it will be a fiery death.

I have hopes for Ponybooru, but I've seen Zizzy mention finding a "balance" with artists, and that worries me.


There already was a balance. They'd take down paywall shit and artists could have the exclusive right to upload their new content for three months. Seems completely fair. But if they want to play good guy, I wouldn't mind that as we get a functioning true archive.

Rainbooru ranges from broken to slow. But Raindev has more to work on since he isn't using Philomena so I can't complain. I hope it works out.

I don't know anything about Twibooru.

I like Ponerpics so far. The DNP is still in the works, and a hope it leans towards archival. I like Philomena so it'd be nice if either Ponybooru or Ponerpics could be an archive.

Furbooru went full censorship. No nazis. No foalcon. Nothing "hateful." No "antagonization." I guess mods will decide what that means. I don't plan to speak much there because criticism or humor = antagonization with these people. I do like that it's not just pony content though. I like having strictly pony boorus but it's cool to have a Philomena e621. Just wish the mods weren't fags.

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I think in general people are waiting for the altboorus to be more directly competitive with Derpibooru — that is, until they host a comparable number of images to Derpibooru. All of our development resources are going towards that goal right now. We have almost all of the romesilvanius derpibooru archive downloaded, and a dev is working on a script to download all of the thumbnails for every image on derpibooru, so we can bypass the painfully slow process of thumbnail generation. We're hoping there will be more user engagement when this and other changes are rolled out, hopefully in less than a week
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- Derpi is a great site by itself, they also had the luck of monopolize the brony fandom due the censorship in tumblr and DA years ago, so many artists had to emigrate there. The bad thing is the staff whom where the ones who ruined it completely.
- Rainbooru is the most archival site but it looks like shit tbh. The bad/good thing is they don't have any DNP policy, which is bad for artist, good for the viewer. So I'd say it's a bit disrespectful about that.
- Ponybooru is by far the best alternative to Derpi, it accomplish the goal: a good site where you can post whatever you want, say want you want without having the fear of being banned or doxxed. But it's still at beta, it runs slow (due the constant mass uploading art) and the ones who ruined Derpi supporting the censorship are trying to sabotage that site by doing mass DNP and lying about the site on Twatter and other media.
- Twibooru is completely abadoned, plus the interface doesn't look good.
- I recommend to completely avoid Furbooru which is running by the same shit staff on Derpi and even with more censorship, also because I don't like furries, they're weird as fuck, ngl.
- Lyrabooru is disgusting IMO, it's not a site consisting mostly on lewd material. It's about austistic people doing lewd things to MLP toys.

I didn't knew about this site except the name, but it looks really good and runs very fast so I have high hopes for this. It needs to be more populated but nothing to envy the other boorus.
Second Sun

Rainbooru's a more archival site that is still a pain to use.
I can't access Ponybooru, I can't even find evidence of the website's existence. GODDAMIT GUBERMENT!
There's a Twibooru?
There's a Furbooru?
Lyrabooru's shit. Scarifice it to the gods!

Hopefully Ponerpics can become more of an archival site in the future, just in case Rainbooru takes too long until a mass purge or chaos in Derpibooru.

@Second Sun
Proof of existence:

Also Ponybooru's DNP policy is going to shit. They already have DNPs with "No posting of my art allowed, even after 120 days" and "Do Not Upload or Edit Ever." Archive my ass. Proof here: https://ponybooru.org/dnp

By now, I'd be ignoring Ponybooru altogether if it didn't have such a large base compared to other alts.

Have any other boorus announced completely importing DB yet?

Twibooru's up? Damn, it's barren.

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Seeing some of the talk in twitter screenshots about sabotage attempts and seeing the DNP policy that was worsening by the hour in the discussion threads I was in convinced me that Ponybooru was nothing more than a sacrificial booru to take the brunt of the SJW assaults and attention until they tuckered themselves out and had to invent some new false outrage to feign indignation over.

The fact that Zizzy already runs the pony archive makes me very uneasy if he were to also have control over the biggest Booru site as well. That's too much power in the hands of one person. We know that Marxists excel at infiltration and subversion of any hierarchy that doesn't have a clear exclusionary policy towards them, so it would just be a matter of time before the Pony Archive and Ponybooru were turned. They're just too tempting a target.

There are 3 general purpose boorus with a 4th on the way, and 3 specialized boorus. The person making the 4th one, Twibooru, popped in to the Derpibooru Alternatives threads over the past few days. I think the plan is for it to work like philomena boorus, but not have any forums in there. Just image searching, tagging, favouriting, and voting. I think they were still iffy on whether to allow image commenting. Don't quote me on that. It was still pretty much up in the air, and a lot could change. The idea, I think, was to reduce the need for moderation staff to exert control over the culture of the website, and to keep things generally drama-free.

Here are the specialized boorus I mentioned, which I copied from one of the Derpibooru Alternatives threads on 4chan:
Specialized Boorus:
- booru.foalcon.com (foalcon)
- www.fluffybooru.com (fluffy ponies)
- lyrabooru.org (plushophilia)
- www.bronibooru.com (SFW, no shipping, no non-pony anthro, no translations)

I don't really care to go to a booru themed around the first 3 things, and I dislike the feeling of censorship enough that I don't feel like visiting bronibooru.

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@Second Sun
Maybe weimar problems need weimar solutions. Marxist infiltration has unquestionably subverted and taken control over most of our society. The question is what tools we have available to drive them out, undo the damage, and rebuild. There is a very, VERY short list of political systems that have done that before, and have also rebuilt their own society. Most just get subverted and destroyed as most people suffer in misery, crime, and starvation.
I have a few eggs in a basket for a new political plan that should be able to save western civilization, but I don't think it's the best idea to have a pure political thread here. At least not this thread.
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Rainbooru takes forever to load for me and it seems really inconsistent when it wants to work. Like I'll go on the site and it gives me a "504: Bad Gateway" error. Then, I'll go back 5 minutes later and it works fine, but then it cycles between giving me an error and not giving me an error again.

Ponybooru worked really well for a while, but since a few hours ago I get a "504 Gateway Time-out" error whenever I try loading it.

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Remember that all the sites are still adding two point four million pictures to their galleries. That's an insane amount of images to try to load in less than two weeks.

It's still early days yet. I'd say the real test for the boorus will come some time in the next couple of months.

Also Rainbooru is running on all-custom software that's being written and modified as we speak. Rainbooru has potential. Don't judge them too harshly for not being able to handle the ridiculous tasks being asked of it right now.
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derpi is fucked
ponerpics is great
twibooru might be great
rainbooru has a ton of potential
ponybooru is already getting a shitload of dnp's and other bullshit
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I had used derpibooru on and off for about a year or so until they started removing submissions because "muh nazi." Haven't used anything else though but heard ponerpics is the most based one and has mlpol administration so I just made an account here.
…I don't think it's the best idea to have a pure political thread here. At least not this thread.

That's what mlpol is for tee-hee-hee
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Ponybooru is a good lightning rod to distract Twitter folks. Other than that, it's basically post-BLM Derpibooru, with all the same issues. I won't use it.
Rainbooru has potential, when it becomes stable. I will consider using it.
Twibooru is very good, and I will use it.
Ponerpics is cozy, and good, so I will also use it.
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A trashfire and after pushback they're still going to boil the frog anyways continually deleting shit they said they would keep, no surprise at all they are constantly lying and giving twofaced discussions while TSP rules them with an iron fist.

The walloftext rules is an immediate put off, and so is the administration. Nothing against the mods there but the admins are absolute fucktards. Site is basically unusable as a normal booru with the derpibooru import still going on and they're not even half way.

Very promising so far, looking like the better rainbooru for pure archival. twibooru has the speed of imports and processing compared to all of the other alts. There's a tag for every single db import so you can easily filter them out for real uploads, I switch between 'everything' and 'everything not imported' works great. Twifag and other admins seem pretty on top of things and aren't retards like zizzy.

Just an incomplete mess that runs like shit, put this one on the backburner for a long time before it's ready for mass use. Since it has no DNPs its nice as a backup archive but not what I'd call an optimal experience. Props for trying but that's what happens when you try to rush to meet demand after doing nothing with your side project for years.

It's nice, and I have faith in lotus and atlus since theyve proven to be great admins already, but the booru is largely unusable with processing everything. I like the fact that this place isn't just a derpi clone and there's some semblance of making an identity with their own icons. But they should move towards enacting something like ponybooru hiding unprocessed pictures from showing up if the server is slow, or twibooru that hides unprocessed from the front page.

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@Background Pony #0F0F
It is true that right now the rate of uploads has significantly outpaced the ability of the server to generate thumbnails. At the very least, this situation will not persist after we move servers. On our other server — where the thumbnail generation has been modified to be 5 times as fast — 437,000, or all of Derpibooru’s 2012 and 2013 uploads, have been generated from the database, and 300,000 of those have thumbnails, despite running for two and a half days. We estimate that will be done in 12 days. As for PonerPics now, hopefully we can find a way to hide unprocessed images, although our devs have other projects we are focusing on for the new server.
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I wish that the altbooru comparison website gave detailed write-ups for all the specialized boorus as well as the full-size boorus.

Curating a strictly-SFW no-shipping booru isn't censorship. Is it censorship to delete pure pokémon art that gets uploaded here? No matter how nice it is, it's simply off-topic.
Additionally, if you want to go REEEEE about Marxism, I suggest you browse /r/stupidpol for a while. They pride themselves on being the "true Marxists" who hate how chromosome-hoarding radlibs sandbag the material goals of leftism. Agree with them or don't, but knowing the fault lines in an ideology sharpens arguments into something coherent.
Time to go put some fluoride in the water.

Derpibooru: has been my web home for 8 years, and still is for now, but I'm concerned for its future

Ponybooru: It's just Derpibooru with a little more leniency, I'm not feeling it

Twibooru: Might become the best proper archive, but with the forced anonymous and no community features it's not a complete alternative, and I'd only go there to find things unavailable elsewhere

Bronibooru: SFW only is a no for me

Rainbooru: I don't like the interface at all so I'm not interested

Ponerpics: I'm undecided, depends on how it evolves. But with most Derpibooru migrants seeming to choose Ponybooru, it would be lonely.

Manebooru: No. Just no.

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Hopefully there will be more activity after the import is complete. That way, it can be a more direct replacement for Derpibooru as it will have all of the same images as more.

It also always helps to spread the word, especially to people still using derpibooru
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Although a smaller userbase means that there is less potential for good discussion in the comments of an image, it does correlate with less deliberate shit-starting in the forums. Get a good core built before it gets busy.

Speaking of, what are the rules of username selection over here? I plan to go the route of using a new name on each of the altboorus, so I want to have some ideas for my username strategy: I might try an in-character RP of the editor of a fic I might finally somewhere.
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