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Started by Background Pony #4B2C
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Background Pony #4B2C
There wasn't a thread for feature suggestions and discussion, so I created one.

State your suggestions clearly. What goal will it accomplish? What's a short summary of a feature? And describe how feature should work step-by-step, including pictures if necessary.

In the future this post will be edited by moderators/admins to include frequently requested features, and how likely that they will be implemented (not likely/planned/currently implementing).
Background Pony #4B2C
Feature Name
Pools are publicly editable (wiki-like) Galleries that show special navigation bar in image page of each image.
Feature parity with danbooru-like boorus. Feature is aimed towards comic artists and comic uploaders, so they could upload without having to manually link pages in the description.
Pools are for comics, image series, and other sequential art. They provide easy navigation between pages, and a highly visible index. Pools are NOT aimed for collection of subjectively picked art, we have Galleries for that.
Pools can be created by anyone, and edited by anyone.
Pools contain images, in specific order (that can be rearranged by anyone).
Each image page of image that's added to the pool will have navigation panel displayed:
[first prev PoolName next last]
Each of those are links. First and Last links to first and last image in the pool. Prev and Next links to previous and next image, relative to current image (pool order apply). PoolName is Pool's title and links to pool page containing ordered list of all images.
One image can be in multiple pools (but it's best to limit max number of pools per image to 2-4, to prevent panel creep).
Also, there should be public logs like in tags (image added to pool, removed from pool, pool reordered).

Why not just use Galleries as-it-is?
Because Galleries are equivalent of "Favorite Folders" from DeviantArt. They're nice, but do not allow public editing and do not display navigation panel. A new type of Gallery (Pool) need to be created.

Why not just use "series:*" or "comic:*" tags?
Pools and tags serve different purposes. Tags can't have specific order, so user can't add page between page 3 and page 4 (which happens quite often in sponsored comics, or when artist adds covers for chapters). Plus they still do not have navigation panel.

Why not just link first/prev/next/last in the description?
Poor maintainability for prev/next buttons (you have to keep track of three descriptions on three pages every time you upload), and utter impracticality for last button (you have to edit every single page). Also, description is not editable by anyone, so you're mainly stuck with it.

But Philomena already have navigation buttons back/next!
Those are not comic navigation buttons, those are search query (or global if navigated not from search page) navigation buttons. e621 also have them, separate from pool navigation panel.

But Derpibooru was fine without Pools for 8 years, why Ponerpics need them now?
Derpibooru was in unique position after closure of Ponibooru in 2012. Bronibooru's rules were too strict (no shipping, etc), and Derpibooru was the only one left. That's not the case now, so feature parity with other booru engines is important. Also, Ponerpics is rather small for now, so this is a perfect time to introduce a new feature without overwhelming moderators and assistants.
e621 and danbooru-based sites have this feature. You can use Galleries as a base for making Pools.
danbooru-based sites call Pools as "purple-colored pools", and call Galleries as "blue-colored pools". Do not confuse them.

Site Administrator
@Background Pony #9221
This is a pretty well explained and thought out request. (Just wish it actually said "PonerPics" and not "Ponybooru" in its text). I will ask about how quickly something like this could be implemented.
Background Pony #4B2C
Whoops, this embarrassing. I could swear I replaced *booru, but I guess I forgot. I've been posting this suggestion since 2014.
Background Pony #F4B7
The first one is less of a feature suggestion but more of a question. Going into the future with people uploading content on both Derpibooru and PonerPics (and other boorus), which image ID will be favored (assuming your still doing a separate ID for things imported/uploaded)? Perhaps have both URLs and have them go to the same place?

Secondly, I had an idea with multiple versions of an upload. Perhaps have a way to link them together on the same page. Like have tabs or something to switch between named versions.

Another thing that may be cool is having an option for chan friendly downloads as well. This would be most useful for things like webms where it can take some fiddling to get the best quality out of the limited filesize.

Site Administrator
@Background Pony #28A1
It's looking like images imported from Derpibooru through our copying system will have the exact Derpibooru ID, whereas all images uploaded through the upload function manually or by bot will start at an arbitrary higher number. It's looking like that number will be 6,000,000. A select few images from the live website here will be imported and placed in the higher number catagory.

Going forward, I am a little less sure about how images will be added to the catalog. We could continue to take more images from Derpibooru, and build them here through the same import process as the first ~2.2 million. If we do that, as you say, it's likely that a lot of images that were uploaded will be duplicates of the new imports. In that case, I think I would likely prefer to merge them into the derpibooru number because derpibooru is likely the place of origin, but if I know that it was on ponerpics first, it makes sense to merge it to the ponerpics number. It's also possible that the duplication device just fails to catch duplicates, or that importing through that means is not feasible, and all new images are through uploads.
Background Pony #F4B7
>whereas all images uploaded through the upload function manually or by bot will start at an arbitrary higher number.
I thought you were doing a separate index for stuff of PonerPics origin? Having a letter in it to represent booru of origin/which index. My suggestion was more or less to have the same listing available under multiple index numbers but that would seem less reasonable if it's all on the same index.
Background Pony #E8EE
The p at the end was what I had meant. I was under the impression it was a seperate numbering. But I am curious about the issues with external linking. Are you talking about embedding images on other philomena based sites where the p at the end has it appear as a preview? (Or something like that) Would having the p at the beginning help with that?

Site Administrator
@Background Pony #B032
I do mean imbedding where the p would appear as a preview; in context of that conversation, it was imbedding on 4channel. Perhaps placing a p at the beginning may work. I believe giving it a number around 6 million, however, will also distinguish it from any other source in the same way as a p.
Background Pony #EC57
Seems to be a bit of a bug with the "Artist Needed" tag. When adding an artist and removing this tag it will often take refreshing the page in order for it to stick.

Where is the setting to make the spoiler tags reveal the image when you hover? I'm pretty sure that it exists somewhere, but I can't find where to turn it on.
Background Pony #ECE7
WebM posts lose the black "WebM" label if "Use video thumbnails" is checked in the settings page, it makes it hard to differentiate them from GIFs. Could you change it so it's still clear they're webms in thumbnail view?
Background Pony #B0EA
A lot of images (I think all derpibooru imports except the last two images) have their filenames broken.
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