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Alright, here's another one that may or may not have an easy resolve: Can't seem to edit rating tag on >>2247934. Since this is the featureless edit I would think that it should be more questionable than explicit? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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It’s not quite featureless imo. There’s some clear vulva on it, not to mention the minimal effort put into making the anus “featureless” by whiting out the middle of it. Some things would still be explicit even if no genitals are present, like censored porn, fingering through clothes, cum drinking, etc.
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Crotchtits are just tits as far as ratings are concerned. If there was a pic of a topless woman smoking a cigarette on the beach, that wouldn’t be considered sexual, and therefore not tagged explicit.

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I think most other featureless crotch edits get questionable or suggestive, but the main reason for my post was less about the actual rating and more about the site bug. Even beyond the rating tags every once in a while you'll get an image that'll give you troubles with tag editing.
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That's a hard one. I wouldn't call it explicit, personally, but the finger pressing down implies a vulva to me. On the other hand, cameltoes can be much more blatant and they're questionable.

Would be nice if old comment editing would be enabled. Even Derpi decided that not allowing old comments to be edited was stupid
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Cannot post image. I get a 413 request entity too large when I try.
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the poni has rings. It is qualified as "edit". Not dublicate

I am currently on hiatus with study. I am about to be expelled from university so I have no time to spare. Just a few minutes to browse for ponerpics porn, no more.

I have no time to check for dublicates. though I did report some recent arts.

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Read one post above yours. Twibooru tagged the file type (jpeg), and the porter bot brought that tag over. Unfortunately the “needs more jpeg” tag is applied here because “jpeg” is aliased to it. The problem would be solved with un-aliasing.
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