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Started by Background Pony #A73A
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Background Pony #7D51
@Background Pony #49EF
>generally speaking if it doesn't have the pony tag, it probably shouldn't have a mare tag.
Problem being uploaders are retarded and regularly neglect to add the pony tag to pony images. Turn off your filters, search for mare && !pony and count how many images out of the first 200 have ponies in them. Implying pony with mare would be far worse, but stripping mare from images not tagged pony is still pretty bad.
Background Pony #EB96
I want to search for tags:mare not tags:pony, female. Derpifags often dump images and let others tag, most of the times updated tags don't transfer through imports so it leaves users (on alt sites) to tag it themselves. Sometimes I see character names not being teal because background ponies can be given a name later, but you won't be able to search for them on less popular sites because no one edits it. Frustrating, honestly. I just want to look at cute mares.

tldr; derpi is shit and i love mares

>mfw 2 other aliases
@Background Pony #5903
If you mean going through every single upload and changing the artist tag I guess that would work. If there was some I knew on how to mass change name/alias things myself I would have gladly already done so.
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