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Aryanne triggers all the niggers. I don't care for her that much as a character—she's just one joke, and even the character design falls flat. But the way she lives rent-free in all the soyboys' heads makes me laugh.

Meh, I never liked Aryanne all that much anyway. Always thought she was just an edgelord OC that was adopted by people who didn't get the joke.

Then again, I've seen haters of her hang me up to dry for saying that. So apparently my opinion isn't "openly hostile" enough for some people.

Ponybooru's DNP process has me over the moon. I'm glad the admins want it to be a place where artists can't hound how others share their public work, and I hope that sentiment doesn't change. They also seem to be protecting private/paywalled work, as I've seen paywalled images taken down. There's not much room to complain.

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@Brass Melody
That's literally how legal takedown requests work. That's the norm across most websites. Letting artists treat a community content website like their own personal deviantart profiles is the exception.

There are enough problems with bad faith actors fucking with the site that adding a little bit of red tape to formalize the process is a good decision. Think of how YouTube's copyright claim system works, and how that's been abused.

The DMCA is not meant to be the first line of artist control. It was only added on to the end of the list as rule 13 on ponybooru because bad faith actors were throwing a shitfit and trying to screw with the site.

I don't think that there is anything unreasonable about what's going on there. "If you don't like the specific website rules, then here are the legal rights you have to exert control over your own copyrighted works". These rules don't even have to be described on the website itself.

These rules are here to prevent abuse by possible bad faith actors on any side, and to preserve the primary function of the site as an archive wherever possible.

If you want to talk about how what they're doing is unreasonable, then can you first try seeing things from their point of view? Both in terms of their primary operating principals as an image archive community and in terms of the many bad faith actors trying to sabotage and screw with them.
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@Brass Melody
"How dare you post my illegal trademark-infringing art of the intellectual property of Hasbro LLC which I used without permission!"
Brass Melody

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Yeah I'm semi-fresh from a week-long ban from that place so I figured it was as good an excuse as any to finally bail from that site and try this place out. I'd be on Rainbooru or Ponybooru instead but the former keeps going down and is still putting in features from DB while the latter is going through DMCA hell because of its ass-backward DNP system and the way it's not enforced.
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FUCK TRANNIES (that aren't raptors)

That is all
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