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Background Pony #66C9
There is no difference between Ponerpics and Ponybooru. The difference between Ponerpics and Derpibooru is that the latter has taggers and the staff does anything. The difference between Ponerpics and Twibooru is that the latter has taggers, the staff does its job, and part of the job they do is removing nonpony images from the pony archive.
Background Pony #E6B3
P.S. Are rainbooru or manebooru still active anymore?

Both are currently up. Both have gotten material posted to them within the last 24 hours. If by "active" you mean "not defunct," they're still alive. If by "active" you mean "lots of visitor traffic," I have no idea.
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Drangleic Inhabitant
if you're the wrong type of autistic they kick you out. meaning if you don't believe in whatever left leaning talking point is the new thing to believe in. Ukraine this or Vaxx that. don't like it? BAN. doesn't have to be anything extremist just not conforming means gone
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Background Pony #2221
@Background Pony #00B1
Personally I consider any attention I get here or twibooru more valuable than the other boorus. All derpi really has is the haha funny number go higher, and ponybooru is filled with derpi users run out for being too autistic.
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Drangleic Inhabitant
its weirder even. sometimes I see users who usually post here uploading to derpi (derpi import tag). I wonder if popularity is more important to them then freedom of expression
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The fact that derpibooru still has any users left to it just goes to show too many people are addicted to being in toxic relationships, and far too comfortable with living under the boot heel of an authoritarian autistic manchild who hides behind his precious rule 0 to ban anyone and everyone based on whatever mood he happens to be in that day.
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Background Pony #0EA0
@Background Pony #CDE1
Nice try, The Smiling Pony, but I know you're LARPing.

Ponerpics and Derpibooru are your best options, as Ponerpics has EVERYTHING and Derpibooru has so many new friends!
Background Pony #CDE1
derpibooru's site administrators are pathetic idiots! They could be anal pervert gays who enjoy a filth naughty sausage party!
Background Pony #6432
Here's the difference:
After being AFK since mid-October, I have the following notification counts:
Derpibooru: 329
Ponybooru: 17
Ponerpics: 4

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Background Pony #EFEE
I remember when it was called ARPANET. I remember when it was a secret cool kidz club for STEM majors and a handful of .mil types, when your university probably was on a regional network like BITNET and any email going outside of it would have to go to a gateway, possibly in a carton of tapes in the trunk of some grad student's car. I remember dialup bulletin boards. I remember email lists. I remember before the Dubya Dubya Dubya. I remember Usenet before the September that Never Ended. I remember dialup. I remember the Internet before the over-the-top japes from places like Pigdog all came true. I remember the Internet before it became a PC hugbox with everything censored everywhere and people trying to dox you and make you unemployable for laughing at the wrong joke. Call me Pepperidge Farms because I remember. And yes, zeeky boogy doog (kaboom!).

Early Adopter
@Background Pony #EFEE
That's some very interesting phrasing there.

I read a conversation about different generations being in different internet meme cultures earlier today, and that got me wondering. How far back do you go on the internet?

Do you remember being happy when the next episode of the Madness Combat, or earlier stick figure fight animations came out on newgrounds? Do you remember AlbinoBlackSheep memes? You're The Man Now, Dog? Azumanga Diaoh?

When did you culturally embed yourself in the internet, and how much of the internet over the years did you personally experience? I'm slowly thinking that either the type of one's experiences shapes their thought processes, or that certain cognition trends might be attracted to certain types of entertainment and ways of engaging with the culture around them. I don't know enough yet to guess.
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