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I remember trying to ask a staffmember a question regarding a rules clarification and a small project where I would be tracking down and uploading other versions of an artists work, and I didn't get a response. I think I had to copy-paste the message to you, Lotus, since the staffer I messaged seems to just not be a part of the site. I haven't reviewed that interaction lately, but it feels like that entry in the staffer list exists without a person behind it.
Soft Lava
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الصداقة حرام
Thank you for giving an insight on the matter. Now I see the error of my ways and understand the complexity of this situation. I humbly thank you for a benevolent responce and wish you well on getting it fixed.

Site Administrator
@Soft Lava
Unresolved reports are not necessarily not being reviewed, they are simply reviewed and not closed. A while ago I closed reports on broken images after writing down the image numbers, and people on /mlp/ complained that reports were being closed without the images being fixed (because of course I couldn't fix a problem with broken code while I am working my day job). So now, when I review a report, I often leave it open if it is not an obvious rule violation that is unambigious and merits immediate deletion. With that being said, there may be a use or need for more staff, especially given the numbers of duplicate images.
Soft Lava
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الصداقة حرام
There are some reports being put on hold.

#6116450 >> #6116437
#6115185 >> #6114890
#6089165 >> #6089144
#6114044 >> #6110784

And mine's been there for more than 12 days.

#6108715 >> #6108861

There should be more jannies managing reports.
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