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Drangleic Inhabitant
setting an explicit tag for avatars would be the most free option for everyone.
if not doable or for a temporary solution would be to ban avatars that are sexual in nature. questionable or explicit.

yes that would be an issue for people who want an explicit pfp, but allowing them would be (at least as I see it) a greater issue to those who don't want to see it, me being one of them

Site Assistant
Hopeful Pioneer
Because you can set your avatar to explicitly NSFW images, and because tags aren't applied to avatars, if you have a filter set to eliminate explicit images you can still come across them with no real way to hide them. Will an additional tag check be incorporated which hides designated pictures even when set as an avatar? Though, if you use a non-pony-related avatar (which won't be on Ponerpics) that wouldn't work unless if the user has to put in tags.

Alternatively, moderation could just forbid using an explicit avatar. This is manually correcting the issue, and I feel if you really want to put hoers poon in your profile picture, you should be able to.
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