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Dumbshwick McGee

My hat vibrates, babe
You dare throwing crickets at me, bitch? How about you start with throwing yourself out of here coz you are the biggest roach on this website.

You fill the void with words only for them to be a cushion for your sorry ass to land on. Nobody thinks you're funny.
I've seen a smudge on a window that has more charisma than you ever would. I would rape your tight blue ass for breakfast and then pay for abortion because anything that might come out of it would be subpar at best, let alone alive, you whimsical cunt!
Dumbshwick McGee

My hat vibrates, babe
You know who you are, skybrook? A cum assassin. You hunt for attention, kill the mood, then shower in cum as payment. It takes a gnome to end a cycle of endless cum. And the time is now for you to find other liquids to gargle on. Like pepsi.
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Late one night when the moon was green
Around the corner came a fart machine
A shot rang out, a scream was heard
A man was killed by a flying turd
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There are over 20 posts on things tagged staring contest with the same general theme of just describing the image
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