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Don't know where to put this but someone should probably merge oc:athena lanty zupondonia with oc:athena
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I would probably try to take advantage of it as much as possible in a way that would maximize future benefits. I don't have one OC that I personify myself as but I sometimes represent myself with different ones of mine. If I was one of my unicorn OCs I would try to cast magical specials that had long lasting effects or make something tangible (though most of my Unicorn OCs have rather narrow spell skill sets so it depends on which one). For a earth pony I would build/do work that I couldn't do as a human and for a Pegasus… I may just have fun for that one because I don't think I could get many benefits that would be tangible from flying and walking on clouds. Even if I moved them I couldn't take a long term advantage of it.
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