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WonderWolf51 (It's me, WonderWolfia!)
Um…Misty and I are stuck in a blank room with a butterfly named "YellowButterCipher" with no way out. AND, Misty is pregnant with Swap Ruv's children because Swap Sarv and him broke up. AAAANNNNNNDDDD, my BF, Espresso Cookie, might be cheating on me with Madeline Cookie! AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD, YellowButterCipher is the real son of Bill Cipher!
(That was a mouthfull, really.)
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It's just that, I think it's a little…inappropriate for scratch. Scratch is a program that is for ages 8 and up. Not only is the user not censoring the fingers, but they are actually letting suggestive images (Butts, big breasts, etc.) be shown in the project. I'm surprised they haven't shut it down yet. If I seem like I'm complaining, I may or may not be.
But it's because kids need a SFW place to create stuff on.
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Why do people love g4 so much? Stereotypical, cookie-cutter characters? Boring, overused story? Unfunny, too obvious references and jokes? G3 and g3.5 are much better than this. Actual humour, amazing storytelling that doesn't talk down to the audience, intriuging and fleshed out characters, and more original ideas. Unlike what g4 has to offer. Newborn Cuties is the whitehead on the pimple. everything's just so adorable. I love it.
Punished McGee

A fallen legend
I believe israel and palestine will find a consensus on territorial integrity once your pfp stops being shit. You ain't gonna do it for me. At least do it for israel.
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Kill doomposters.
Behead doomposters.
Roundhouse kick a doomposter into the concrete.
Slam dunk a doomposter into the trashcan.
Crucify filthy doomposters.
Defecate in a doomposter's food.
Launch doomposters into the sun.
Stir fry doomposters in a wok.
Toss doomposters into active volcanoes.
Kick a doomposter in the testicles.
Urinate into a doomposter's gas tank.
Judo throw doomposters into the wood chipper.
Twist doomposters heads off.
Report doomposters to the EFCC.
Karate chop doomposters in half.
Curb stomp filthy doomposters.
Trap doomposters in quicksand.
Crush doomposters in the trash compactor.
Liquefy doomposters in a vat of acid.
Stab doomposters.
Dissect doomposters.
Exterminate doomposters in the gas chamber.
Stomp doomposters skulls with steel toed boots.
Cremate doomposters in the oven.
Lobotomize doomposters.
Mandatory roping for doomposters.
Grind doomposters in the garbage disposal.
Drown doomposters in fried chicken grease.
Vaporize doomposters with a ray gun.
Kick old doomposters down the stairs.
Feed doomposters to alligators.
Slice doomposters with a katana.
Line up doomposters and use them for target practice.
Drop kick a disabled doomposter's head to jupiter.
Slice doomposters up into lunchmeat and feed them to pigs.
Drive a bus load of doomposters into the grand canyon.
Break a 2×4 in half over a doomposter's head.
Choke a doomposter to death with a gucci belt.
Shoot groups of doomposters on sight.
Suffocate doomposters with a shopping bag.
Cave a doomposter's head in with a hammer.
Pistol whip a doomposter.
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