Vent thread

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WonderWolf51 (It's me, WonderWolfia!)
Um…Misty and I are stuck in a blank room with a butterfly named "YellowButterCipher" with no way out. AND, Misty is pregnant with Swap Ruv's children because Swap Sarv and him broke up. AAAANNNNNNDDDD, my BF, Espresso Cookie, might be cheating on me with Madeline Cookie! AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD, YellowButterCipher is the real son of Bill Cipher!
(That was a mouthfull, really.)
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It's just that, I think it's a little…inappropriate for scratch. Scratch is a program that is for ages 8 and up. Not only is the user not censoring the fingers, but they are actually letting suggestive images (Butts, big breasts, etc.) be shown in the project. I'm surprised they haven't shut it down yet. If I seem like I'm complaining, I may or may not be.
But it's because kids need a SFW place to create stuff on.
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