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Welcome to the vulva of the week.

Each week we judge and pick a drawing of some random pony pussy that proves to be both sexually engaging and nicely drawn. Our work aims not to simply judge the pussy, but to wisely judge the pussy (there is a difference). For now I'm the only judge to apply for the job but other judges are also welcome to join. This way, the "Vulva of the week" will represent the view of the masses.

Here are the rules that determine if art can qualify for being featured in the "Vulva of the week"
-The art should not be of anthro beasts.
-The art should be drawn recently (7-14)
-The art should be limited to one vulva contender, aka a pony that shows the vulva.
-A vulva contender should present her vulva in a way for it to be clearly and fully visible.
-it is at best interest if nothing but a vulva contender is depicted in the art. Rear view is highly favourable.

The art bellow shows an example of a valid contender.

I hope the following thread will blossom into a weekly cultural phenomenon that can liven up the community and encourage a debate which is worth debating.

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That is good quality. Proportions are reasonable yet it's made the center of attention between the buttocks. Although the vulva itself is quite smooth and lacking wrinkles, the perineum has enough ridges in the skin to prevent it from being too simplistic. The teats are crammed together due to being too far back between the legs, yet I'd argue that there is sufficient spacing between them and the genitals. Also the connection of bare skin is quite sufficient.

The coloration doesn't offer enough of a contrast to the rest of the body. I'm not a fan of dark genitals in general, but zebras are a species which ought to have blackish–not just gray–genitals. In addition, she is clearly not winking, but the vulva is not sealed shut either. Is it a transition state? Who knows, but equine genitals are designed to either hide their secrets or show themselves in the world.

Certainly a very above-average specimen. I would rate it 7.5/10.

I'd give it 7/10 with a nice shapely labia that fits well on her, and a well drawn tail base, not to mention cute teats. What really hurts the pic is that the upper curve of her butt goes way higher than the tail base. Makes it look stretched to me, more than flat.

Anyway it's top vulva of the week, not of all time. Selection is limited!
Soft Lava
Marenheit Contributor - This little pony contributed to the Marenheit fundraiser of 2020
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We are on a breech of two gods fighting for victory.


Only one day is left. If you care about the contenders, please upvote only one of those pics for a little while. So far it seems like AJ will be featured thrice, making her the ultimate vulva of the preferred vulva appreciators.
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