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Punished McGee

A fallen legend
@Background Pony #3C11
If this is your oc, you can simply pick one of your arts and slap a "ponerpics community collab 2022" tag on it. There is no use redrawing what already exists. If this isn't your oc, you probably need author's permission first.
Background Pony #3C11
This is Silver Star Apple but can you draw him for this?
Background Pony #D9AD
Good idea.

So here's what I came up with. A pony named Oatmeal who is an oat farmer and is a little crazy due to having to fend off the mint menace all the time. It's what came to mind anyway.

And frowning for those days she's missing oats.

Man am I out of practice.
Punished McGee

A fallen legend
I think we need to create a tag and start adding our oc's right away. Something like "ponerpics community collaboration" will work.

@Background Pony #D9AD
If you are not an artist but have your OC's design in mind, I can draw your OC for you.

Probably all of you will agree that anthro images are not qualified to enter the collab.

In our political climate, your OC might not want to show a nazi salute. though, considering your OC is just a pony and ponies don't know about the horrors of the holocaust, it's fine if they show a nazi salute. They do it unintentionally.

OC's can be drawn in pairs. It should be decided whether or not sexual intercourse between the pair is allowed. Since we live in a society, I vouch in favour of this dilemma. If your mare OC's for some intricate reason wants to lick another OC's nipple during a collab shooting, at very least don't make it obvious. Hide behind other OC's so the explicit acts are hinted, not shown. This will help to create lore of the collab event, intrigue. These are not just mares and stallions in one picture. They have goals. Passion.

Futher discussion will continue after I drink some coffee.
Punished McGee

A fallen legend
Dear valued members of glorious ponerpics, friends,

We've all been on edge this year thanks to continious madness spreading like plague all around the world. Ponerpics community collaboration event is exactly what we need to lessen the amount of dread. Afterall, only bad things will follow if we ignore this call. Weak spirited community leads to weak spirited users. One by one you will see those already unmotivated loosing even more motivation, which we cannot allow to happen.

I suggest that we unite as one. Ponerpics collaboration event will be a celebration of our union and our independence from trecherous derpibooru dictators and murderers of free speech. A symbol of our friendship and our values. A gift from mankind to ponykind.

All we need to do is:

1) Officially schedule a date when the event will take place.

2) Draw our OC's to join the event.

I believe 10 contributors is a starting number that will be enough to get this tradition moving. Vulva of the week has shown that ponerpics's morale has not yet diminished completely, meaning this event has a slim chance of succeeding. But without your help this plee will fall on deaf ears. I understand that drawing is a time consuming task, let alone a skill to master. That is why I, Dumbshwick McGee, volounteer to draw the OC you desire for you (the same initiative that derpibooru has). But for now we have a duty to decide whether or not people are willing to participate at all. I'd attach a poll but when I do so the damn page crashes with ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS so I can't.

For my closing statement, as always, I will pray to Epona.

Seal our fates, 'o mighty Epona, warrior of kikes and slaughter of troons. Give us yer strength and show us yer plot.

Okay, now that the prayer is sung, we are blessed to go on this sacred venture. If everything goes to plan, ponerpics will truly become our home. Not derpibooru's refugee camp.
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