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Started by Background Pony #4B2C
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Background Pony #4D6C
There’s still a 3-report limit and a message that says the limit is 5. One of those needs to be changed.

Hopeful Pioneer
Would it be possible to add very basic tags that are automatically added upon uploading, by file detection? For example, "webm" or "video" upon uploading a .webm, "absurd resolution" whenever a picture is 4000x4000, ect.?

Another post about reports:
I've been uploading a lot of images today, some of which are higher quality versions of older uploads. I've put in all the necessary reports but would just like to make a note that some of the images will be the same resolution as the older uploads. The difference is these newer uploads do not have a watermark across them, so they should be the superior version. I mention this because the difference between them may not be obvious if just looking at the thumbnails and the file stats. Probably should have made mention in the reports themselves, but I didn't think of it at the time. Basically would like to try and prevent having to track down images merged the wrong way.
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