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What's your view of the different Booru sites?

Hollowfox the Worst

Straight Outta Derpi
Excuse me, can I say what I think of Derpibooru?

Yea? Okay. Derpibooru is a nice site for pony images, but the one thing that is making me hate the site is that they hate freedom of speech.

With Rules like Rule 0 and Rule 6, it makes me feel weak, knowing that I can't be scared of a nuclear fallout or insult people who tell me to stop "overreacting" or seek mental help because I'm making people understand them even if they disagree with me. Or insult me by saying I'm a "lost cause".

It's like mods want me to be excellent to the people who bully me over my so-called "overreactions" or going off-topic.

I wonder if Ponerpics can't do the same things Derpibooru does. Yes, it imports most of the art from the site, but I wonder if this comment gets removed or not. I just read the three rules and I don't see nothing similar to the Derpibooru rules with the exception of not posting anything non-pony related.
Background Pony #70E6
Twibooru seems to have pretty complete archives but in terms of activity there's almost nothing happening there. Comments are few and seem to be divided roughly between some autistic guy who's posting script excerpts from a MLP/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover animated film he's writing, and "ooh hawt" comments on the very worst sort of l*l*con coomer shit. And it rarely gets more than four or five of those, combined, in any twenty-four hours. It's as dead as dead can be.
Background Pony #4548
@Hollowfox the Worst
From what I've seen since it launched, they're much more lenient. I've seen them ask users to take the argument elsewhere a bunch and lock comments once or twice, but rarely have I seen a post deleted that wasn't blatant spam or done by the user's request.
Not that they aren't inconsistent with the rules and occasionally gigatards to boot, but they're better than derpi.
Punished McGee

A fallen legend
So apparently derpi is unblocked in russia again. Either the admins have changed the domain or roskomnadzor really gave a show a second chance.

I mean, it does get good after "call of the cutie", albeit it might be just my libido speaking.
Background Pony #2093
@Hollowfox the Worst
It's the moderation, mainly. Undeadponysoldier was tarding the place up and spamming the comment sections last year with his autism. I caught a ban for telling him to shut the fuck up. I haven't been back.
Background Pony #4548
@Background Pony #2093
It's not any better with him now. I don't spend much time there anymore for about the same reason. They're more keen on protecting the retards shitting up the site than keeping the existing users happy enough to stay. I'm not sure how many of the original users left after becoming disillusioned with the site due to one retarded decision or another, but there's certainly a lot of names you don't see anymore.

TheGlitchedWolf was another good example. Spent nearly two years only showing up when there was a discussion negative towards derpi, its staff, or derpi approved fandom topics/opinions to proclaim why derpi was superior and why the alts and everyone who used them were bigots who should've been kicked out; albeit the evidence is gone now since he had all his posts deleted after joining derpi's staff.

As far as I remember he never got so much as a warning, meanwhile managing to shut down the discussion a few times and get the no furry rule relaxed so his furfag wolf oc was no longer banned. How anyone can think pandering to someone who hates you will improve the situation is beyond me.
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@Background Pony #4548
How anyone can think pandering to someone who hates you will improve the situation is beyond me.

It's half the politics in the US today. People have a will to believe.
Background Pony #2093
It isn't copium when we notice all the suburban goodthinker Republicans tripping over their own giant clown shoes running to embrace MuH bAsEd LgBtOmGwTfBbQz and MuH bAsEd CoLoReD fOlK and MuH bAsEd UnDoCuMeNtEd MiGrAnTs and virtue-signal about how not-racist and not-bigoted they are, then find Antifa goons with guns and knives trying to pry open their windows anyway, like a certain "cOnSeRvAtIve CuLtUrE wArRiOr" Supreme Court justice just a few days ago. He seems to have thought signing off on a sham election and appeasing the mob would keep him and his family safe.

I offer the historical observation that trying to appease people who aren't hiding the fact that they despise us, talk openly about what they want to do to us, and only refrain from putting us in a gulag because they haven't fully consolidated power, has never worked out well. Ever. Anywhere. In all of recorded history. But it's human nature to want to believe our enemies are reasonable and debating in good faith, just like we are, and it's human nature to think it can be different this time.

I have said it elsewhere. "Live and let live" is over. It's the thinking that got us here. It can never endure because it defies and denies human nature. In the end someone will rule and someone will bow. We keep choosing not to pick a side because we want to believe in MuH cOnStItUtIoN and MuH uH-mErRiCaN eXcEpTiOnAlIsM and mUh MaGiC dIrT, right up until we're having this conversation in the barracks of a lead mine in Alaska in order to avoid wondering out loud how many "right-wing extremists" are going to get dragged out and shot in the morning for "hatespeech" and "spreading dangerous misinformation during the emergency" and how we'll make the production quota without them.
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