What's your view of the different Booru sites?

Hollowfox the Worst

Straight Outta Derpi
Excuse me, can I say what I think of Derpibooru?

Yea? Okay. Derpibooru is a nice site for pony images, but the one thing that is making me hate the site is that they hate freedom of speech.

With Rules like Rule 0 and Rule 6, it makes me feel weak, knowing that I can't be scared of a nuclear fallout or insult people who tell me to stop "overreacting" or seek mental help because I'm making people understand them even if they disagree with me. Or insult me by saying I'm a "lost cause".

It's like mods want me to be excellent to the people who bully me over my so-called "overreactions" or going off-topic.

I wonder if Ponerpics can't do the same things Derpibooru does. Yes, it imports most of the art from the site, but I wonder if this comment gets removed or not. I just read the three rules and I don't see nothing similar to the Derpibooru rules with the exception of not posting anything non-pony related.
Background Pony #70E6
Twibooru seems to have pretty complete archives but in terms of activity there's almost nothing happening there. Comments are few and seem to be divided roughly between some autistic guy who's posting script excerpts from a MLP/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover animated film he's writing, and "ooh hawt" comments on the very worst sort of l*l*con coomer shit. And it rarely gets more than four or five of those, combined, in any twenty-four hours. It's as dead as dead can be.
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